Trump Hosts Chibok Schoolgirls


President Donald Trump welcomed two “Chibok schoolgirls” to the White House this week.

Lydia Pogu and Joy Bishara are survivors of the militant group Boko Haram’s mass kidnapping of 276 young women and school girls in Nigeria. The two girls apparent leapt from the trucks used to kidnap them.

The girls are among a few who managed to escaped from the captivity of the terror group on the night of the terror attack.

The kidnapping of the girls caused a global outbreak, in which the former first lady of America, Michelle Obama, helped popularize the hashtag #Bringbackthegirls.

Shara and Pogu were brought to the US in August of 2014 to attend a Christian boarding school in the Oregon countryside.The girls recently just graduated from high school.

In an image released on the White House Facebook page as “photo of the day” on June 28, Trump and his daughter Ivanka pose with the young women in the Oval Office.

There have been no further comments by the white house on the girls visit.


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