Trump’s Visit To Britain Delayed Till 2018

British Prime Minister Theresa May and US President, Donald Trump.

US President Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain is being planned for next year according to senior British government officials.

An invitation was extended to the Trump administration by Theresa May days after Trump’s inauguration in January.

Both sides have been unable to reach a date in 2017 are now looking for a date in 2018.

There have however been speculations that Trump would differ his visit amid concerns that it would draw protests over his presidency.

Speculations which were further fueled when the planned visit did not get any mention in the Queen’s annual speech to parliament in June, as it is customary for the monarch to list upcoming state visits.

Trump has however confirmed he will be visiting Britain, saying he “will be going to London” and as for the date he said “We’ll work that out.”




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