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Ukraine conflict: ‘Russian soldiers raped me and killed my husband’

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The Russians have retreated from Kyiv’s environs, but they have left behind badly wounded lives that may never recover.

Warning: There are graphic depictions of sexual violence in this story.
Anna, 50, lives in a calm, rural neighborhood 70 kilometers (45 miles) west of Kyiv. To protect her identity, we changed her name.
Anna told us that she was at home with her husband on March 7th when a foreign soldier barged in.
“At gunpoint, he led me to a nearby house.” ‘Take your clothes off or I’ll shoot you,’ he said. If I didn’t do what he instructed, he threatened to murder me. “Then he began rapping me,” she explained.
Anna described her assailant as a young, frail Chechen warrior with Russian ties.
“Four more troops entered as he was rapping me. I was convinced that I was doomed.

They, on the other hand, took him away. She stated, “I never saw him again.” She believes she was rescued by a separate Russian army unit.
Anna returned home and discovered her spouse. He’d taken a bullet to the abdomen.
“He tried to save me by running after me, but he was wounded by a round of bullets,” she explained. Both of them sought refuge in a neighbor’s home. Because of the fighting, they were unable to get her spouse to the hospital. He died two days later as a result of his injuries.
While giving her story, Anna never stopped crying. She showed spot in their backyard where she and her neighbors buried her spouse. At the grave’s entrance is a tall wooden crucifix.

Anna has buried her husband in the garden

The soldiers that rescued her spent a few days in her home. She claims they would brandish a gun at her and demand that she hand up her husband’s stuff.
“I discovered medicines and Viagra after they had left. They used to get high and were frequently inebriated. The majority of them are assassins, rapists, and looters. Only a few are acceptable “she stated

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