UNHCR To Stop Supporting Nigeria


UNHCR’s new Representative to Nigeria and ECOWAS, Antonio Canhandula, has said that  the UNHCR would not continue to provide refugees in Nigeria with financial assistance.

According to him, refugees in Nigeria needed protection and not continuous assistance from the Nigerian Government and UNHCR.

The representative said “I am in Lagos as part of my maiden visit to our Lagos Office, for me to discuss with you refugees on how to provide solutions to your challenges.

“We really want you to know that being a refugee is not a satisfactory situation. As refugees, what you need is protection and not continuous assistance”

He also said that UNHCR was prepared to build capacities of refugees to become self-employed, and be able to cater for their personal and family needs.

A refugee from Chad, Didier Goursam, who commended the Nigerian Government and UNHCR for supporting them, said that many of the refugees had been depending on assistance.




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