US Officials Meet To Discuss North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Diplomatic officials, National security and the military are holding an unexpected meeting to discuss what steps are going to be taking regarding North Korea’s alleged Intercontinental Ballistic Missile test (IBM).

Various technical experts are reviewing all data and intelligence gathered by military aircrafts and US satellites to confirm if the claims by North Korea are true.

A senior administration official stated that “The claim is being taken seriously”.

If the claims by the North Korean government are justified, President Donald Trump could potentially approve a measured response to the North Koreans.

A senior official said if the claims were justified, the pentagon would publicly communicate that all missile defence measures would be taken and systems would be declared fully ready.

The US military have said they are planning against a worst case scenario.

Admiral Harry Harris, head of the US pacific command has said the United states must be prepared to fight and should assume the North Korean claims are true.


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