Venezuelan Journalists Protest


Hundreds of journalists and media workers protest against the attacks and the censure the press is suffering daily in Caracas.

Venezuelans have never been less informed by traditional media than during the recent wave of protests that began in early February.

Protesters say Newspapers don’t have access to the dollars they need for buying paper, because the government restricts the flux of dollars through a currency exchange control, so they have reduced their print editions virtually to newsletters.

The country’s major television and radio station circuits either maintain an editorial line that is uncritical towards the government, or are directly under its control, as the public media have been for years.

In mid-February, President Nicolas Maduro expelled international media, accusing them of being part of a conspiracy to overthrow him.

For protesters, Maduro has also taken steps to strip away freedom of speech and eliminate a free press by creating the Strategic Center for Security and Protection of the Homeland to declare as confidential, classified, or of limited access any information, the agency becomes aware in the fulfillment of its duties.


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